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“Imaginative, seemingly uncomplicated, with powerful striking contrasts”

That is probably the best way to describe the representations of Dutchman Mark Raven (1956). Since 1987 the self taught artist has been creating art, that almost always depicts some aspect of his hometown Amsterdam.

“My passion for this city is obviously related to the fact that I was born here. But the city’s atmosphere with its canals, its decorative gables and its culture also contributes to its inspirational character.”

-Mark Raven

City Impressions Amsterdam


Skinny Bridge 2 Mark Raven Amsterdam Art

Amsterdam Art

Mark Raven is a self taught artist from Amsterdam who has been creating city scapes since 1987.  His work is characterized by his love of city scapes and most noteably from his home town Amsterdam. Mark uses colour and texture in his etchings using light, layers and stroke. He creates moody, emotional pieces that resonate with his audience.

City art

“You will find artwork related to Amsterdam, of course, but also of other places that have inspired me. There’s a selection of prints, but also of drawings and sketches, some of which I hope to turn into a more definitive form in the future.”

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